Pupil Premium 2013-2014

School Lead:  Headteacher/Assessment Manager

Funding: £69,300


  • To track attainment and progress of pupil premium eligible pupils to discuss and tackle underachievement immediately
  • To narrow the gap in Reading, Writing and Maths for pupils in Years 1 to 6.
  • To narrow the gap in Year 1 phonics
  • To provide enrichment activities, e.g. Theatre visit and school trips linked to thematic curriculum
  • To employ ARTIS to focus on listening and speaking skills to impact upon the pupils’ writing skills
  • To employ excellent additional teachers and/or teaching assistants to reduce teacher/pupil ratio to enable pupils to make accelerated progress
  • To increase reading materials to develop reading skills
  • To improve outdoor classroom environment to stimulate EYs learners to make greater progress
  • To buy additional resources specifically to booster progress in Reading, Writing and Maths
  • To target pupils specifically for interventions in and out of the school day in order to accelerate rates of progress

For detailed information about how the funding was used to support our students, please access the document below.

Pupil Premium Spending 2013/14