The Aims of the School

Our aims are as follows:-

  • To establish a secure and happy environment in which great emphasis is placed on caring and sharing and on a respect for the needs of others and awareness of their environment.
  • To provide for the all round development of every individual by presenting a broad and challenging curriculum; and to develop knowledge and understanding by providing much first hand learning experience.
  • To encourage self-confidence and independence and give every child at his or her appropriate level, the experience of success and satisfaction.
  • To develop lively, enquiring minds, an enthusiasm to explore and discover, and to develop skills, knowledge and understanding from the variety of tasks presented to them.
  • To meet all children’s needs with sensitivity
  • To encourage children to communicate effectively and share their learning and social activities with others.
  • Ensure a caring, sharing, moral environment in which everyone’s contribution is recognised and valued and where difference is applauded, supported by the school’s Anglican foundation.
  • To foster close relationships with parents and the community and to liaise with other schools.
  • To promote and sustain improvement in education standards achieved by pupils and the quality of education provided by the school.

These aims are reflected in the various areas of the curriculum and school activities.